Personalise Special Days

To customise your Regina Coração, you will need:

– A Regina Coração (Heart) box;
– To download the PDF below with the heart you like the most;
– To download the PDF below with the labels and then cut the one you most like;
– A pair of scissors;
– A colourful gift ribbon;
– A hole puncher;
– Some cellophane paper to wrap it up.

(Clique na imagem para transferir o PDF)

1. After printing out the PDFs, cut out your chosen paper heart and the chosen label following the pierced marking.

If you chose the last heart, customise it: write your name, a special dedication or attach a memorable photograph.

Use your imagination!

2. Carefully open the box.

3. Place the paper heart that you have chosen on the top the bonbons.

4. Carefully close the box.

5. Wrap the heart box in the cellophane paper and close it with a ribbon, as exemplified in the image. Make a hole on the label you have cut out and lace it together with the ribbon.

You are ready!

It’s time to offer your Heart to a loved one!

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