Personalise Special Days

To make Surprise Truffles you will need:

– A box of Regina Milk Chocolate Truffles.;
– To download your favourite PDF, either the one with the messages or the icons;
– To download the PDF with the label;
– A pair of scissors;
– A coloured ribbon;
– A hole puncher.

(Clique na imagem para transferir o PDF)

1. Print out the chosen PDF.

Cut out the label and one of the squares following the pierced marking.

2. Open the box of truffles.

Place the cut-out square over the top of the opened box. The printed part should be facing upwards.

3. Close the box again and wrap it with the coloured ribbon, as in the image.

Make a hole on the label you have cut out and lace it together with the reibbon.

You are ready! Now the person who will receive your gift will have with each truffle a nice surprise!

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