Sweet and Tender memories


This is the delicious story of the most cherished Portuguese chocolates brand across generations…

Regina: It originates from the Latin Regina, which literally means “queen”, “absolute lady”.

Founded in 1928 at rua Sá de Miranda, in Lisbon, that’s when Regina started its vast and innovative course in the tasty world of chocolate.

It was for many decades the dominant chocolate brand in Portugal.

Regina stands out for its great notoriety among consumers and the diversity of products for the different preferences of chocolate lovers.

The various series of chocolate launched over time, associated with the natural or historical heritage and the ephemeris of our history have generated an unprecedented emotional connection with consumers.


The brand was recognised as a pioneer and an innovator for the children’s segment, with chocolate varieties in amusing formats.

The chocolate umbrellas are an example of this, maintained throughout generations with a strong affective relationship and great popularity among children and adults.

In addition to a vast range of Disney products, which were the indulgence of the younger ones, there were as well other theme bars such as the Bebé (Baby), Vamos Dormir (Let’s Go to Sleep), Pituxa and Cães e Gatinhos (Dogs and Kittens).


Throughout its long journey, Regina has distinguished itself because of its ability to innovate, both in terms of distinctive flavours, as well as for the affective involvement it has created with the special editions. It has therefore attracted audiences from a wide range of ages.

The brand features the fruit flavoured range, a unique specialty in the market, but as well products such as Françoise, the Coches and the extremely well-known Almoço doméstico (domestic lunch).

Coma Com Pão (eat with bread), a chocolate bar which was designed to be a bread filling, is an ideal sandwich snack! But also Floc-Choc and Regina Classic, among other emblematic chocolates. All have a great history that proves this brand’s recognition amongst consumers.

The passion for Portugal has been a constant in the life of Regina and there have been several collections inspired by events, symbols, typical folklore costumes and places in Portugal. Later on the brand expanded into various international markets, at the time with an extremely innovative vision of the market, developing products adapted to the needs of each country.


Chocolates bring joy to all parties and moments of pleasure and Regina, from early on, built a range of products to celebrate the most important festive occasions. For Christmas, Regina brings you the amusing Fantasies to decorate the tree, Father Christmas and a delicious range of bonbons.

Regina’s Easter is also filled with chocolates: the chocolate Almonds, the Eggs and the little Rabbits which are the delight of the younger ones.

On more romantic occasions, the Regina Coração bonbons (the heart bonbons) and the Noivos sweets (the bride and groom sweets).

And finally, one of the most iconic Regina elements, the Máquina de Furos (a bore machine with Regina surprises’ inside) which was a success at amusement fairs, book fairs and many other festive events, which has created a strong affective tie among its generations of consumers.


At the end of 2000, Imperial purchased the brand Regina and relaunched it in the Easter of 2002.

Since then the brand has returned to the market and, despite its absence for a certain period of time, Regina has managed to increasingly re-establish itself in a prominent position among its competitors and has shown itself to be a true success story.

Nowadays, supported by the fast growing technology, Regina is ready to face the future, relaunching some of its most iconic chocolate brands, but also offering consumers new concepts and flavours which contribute towards its positioning: to make the world sweeter.

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