Personalise Special Days

To offer a Father Christmas’ Boot you will need:

– A Regina Chocolate Father Christmas;
– To download the PDF with the Christmas label you like best;
– A Christmas stocking;
– A red cardboard A4 sheet;
– A peg to hold papers;
– A pair of scissors;
– A glue stick;
– A ruler;
– A pencil.

(Clique na imagem para transferir o PDF)

1. Print the PDF with the message you like best and cut the label following the pierced marking.

2. Glue the label in the centre of the red cardboard. With the help of the ruler, make a 5cm large border around the label.

3. Cut thoroughly through the margin of the square you created around the label, as shown in the image.

4. Carefully place the chocolate Father Christmas inside the stocking.

5. Place the label at the top of the stocking and attach it with the peg.

There you go!

Now you can offer a well-stuffed Christmas!

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